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Tell us about your community....

My community is a very close knit community. Once you enter the Water Kingdom, I treat you as though you are close family. We play group games together as well as we just started hosting community Amazon Watch Parties on the stream to watch weird and obscure movies together. I would not be where I am at without my community on my back and I'm Damn proud of them.

What are your goals as a content creator?

My main goal as a content creator is to create a space where people feel comfortable to interact with each other and ask for help when needed. A place where we aren't afraid to be ourselves no matter what that may be. Unjudged and without criticism.

What do you bring to Content Creators Emerged?

Super high energy, great gameplay, and laughs for all to share, whether it be my viewers or my teammates. Every time I stream I'm sure to bring ridiculous content and dope plays, a good mix of both.

Additional Tidbits...

I don't know if this matters or not but I'm close friends with the owner of this website...If that does not matter, then I really like long walks on the beach, a margarita in my hand with a little umbrella inside of it, and watching the sunset on top of an elephant while a mariachi band plays in the background. Preferably ending the day with another drink, and then another drink, sprinkle in a shot somewhere in there, but then another drink after that. I'm a huge fan of doing cartwheels alone in my room, with no one watching, because when people begin to watch I get nervous and mess up. Finally, the end. Thank you.

Alpha Release 2020

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