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Tell us about your community....

The community I've founded so far has been made through a LOT of effort in making friends with others. It's smaller, now, but through my dedication to helping others in their journey - in some cases through just support by being there and talking, and in some cases through moderation or idea assistance - I've created a following of people dedicated to also helping me in my own journey. I truly believe that this industry does not succeed unless people support and advocate for each other and for a positive environment to grow in. This does not have to be just an industry of competition, but it can definitely be one of cooperation.

What are your goals as a content creator?

If I entertain even just a few people, I'm happy...but ultimately I want to see others achieve their own goals, be that getting better at the games they're playing off-stream or in growing communities of their own based on their own talents...or even in just making new friends. I have always been a training- and growth-focused person, and this new format for me does not change that. While I'd love to see myself grow, my view of success for myself has always been measured by how much I can assist.

What do you bring to Content Creators Emerged?

I've been gaming across consoles for years - starting with Atari, to Sega consoles, Nintendo consoles and handheld devices, Xbox consoles, and PlayStation consoles, and I have finally completed building my first PC recently - and while I have this storied history of being incredibly into gaming I am...not good. Frequently I'm questionable at the games I play at best, but on my favorites, ask me about trivia or lore, and I've got you covered. And what I lack in knowledge, I can definitely make up for in humor, so there's no shortage of discussion, even if it's at my own expense. I've also been described by multiple people as - and I quote - "the ultimate Twitch mod."


Gaming history aside, not only have I worked in frontline and supervisory training for one of the largest companies in the world, where I have an intense passion for recognizing skills in others and helping them to hone those skills through observation and feedback as well as 1-on-1 work, but I also have a background in computer science...and I'd like to think I've got a solid grasp on copy editing and a decent view of marketing with regard to, you know, text.


I'm also willing to lend a hand to others to a fault.

Alpha Release 2020

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